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A fun event on 13 March, 2005 for NSW

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Calling all Pirates and other MINI owners!

As you will have seen, clubMINI-NSW is having an Observation Rally in July, now if you have never participated in one of these you really don't know what you've been missing out on. The MINI Observation Rally in July is going to be a real cracker, but if you want some practice for our event and would like to help out a very worthy cause, then perhaps the following might interest you.

A very very good mate of mine is coordinating a motoring event for 13 March. It is an Observation Rally of around 150K's in the western suburbs of Sydney stretching between Blacktown/Windsor Richmond/Lower Blue Mtns and Ebenezer and all on sealed roads ideally suited to MINIs. There are heaps of prizes and a free BBQ at the end of it. I have donated a 4 day 4WD trip valued at over $500 as one of the prizes but there are also UHF radios, coolers and heaps of other car related prizes.

There is a small entry fee of $50 per car/2 people and the money raised is going to the Tourette Syndrome Association. My mates young boy suffers from this terrible affliction and it is one of those orgnisations that generally gets overlooked for fund raising and Government grants. So lets see if MINI drivers can help out a little, have some fun, drive some great roads and practice for our own clubMINI Observation Rally.

Regretfully I am in Victoria on one of my 4WD journeys at the time of the event but you can contact the orgniser, Craig, my good mate, on 9622 1000 or [email protected] for more details and an entry form.

The event starts at 8am on Sunday Morning 13 March from 4WD Warehouse at 7 Garling Street, Kings Park, but we need 10 more entries to make it all happen, surely we can get 10 MINI drivers to have a fun day and raise some funds for a great charity. The entry fee is tax deductible too.

Please help

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Sounds like a blast. Unfortunately I will be away that weekend working. :(
ahhh bugger... why cant these sorta events be on weekends im free... DOH!!!
sorry Vic -that is the golf weekend verses Newcastle Golf Club.Why do these events clash/ Maybe we tryto do too much on our "quiet time"
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