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Keith said:
My nearest dealer is 119 miles away, with 5 more to choose from if I go 127 miles. This means dealer servicing will require a day-trip and any problems with the car will be a BIG pain. I would like to hear from anyone else on the US waiting lists who is a long way from their dealer - how are you planning to face these problems? What are the chances of finding someone else to service the car?
Keith, I’m in San Antonio, Texas and my nearest dealer is in New Orleans, about 500 miles away. The next nearest MINI dealer to me is in Memphis -- about 630 miles from here -- so I think I understand your concerns. (And, yes I am crazy :p )

BMW/MINIUSA recognizes that 70 MINI dealers are spread very thinly across the US. If you look at the link below (and the link within it) you’ll see that these concerns have been presented to BMW and you can read their response.

It is very clear that BMW dealers who do not have MINI franchises will not be servicing MINIs. So, the only safety net is the Roadside Assistance program that is provided at no cost when you purchase a MINI. If, as it has been suggested, this service is as robust as the roadside assistance offered to BMW customers, it will provide some comfort. However, routine servicing, and visits to the dealer to correct minor faults will certainly be a hassle for me, you and other MINI owners who are distant from dealers. However, I believe in the MINI that much that I’m willing to put up with the distance.

I should point out that in my case, I don’t expect the 500-mile distance to a dealer to last forever, as sometime within this year there should be some additional MINI dealers announced in Texas. No MINI dealers have been named in Texas yet due to a lawsuit concerning the way BMW sets up franchises in this state. However, I have my fingers crossed that the lawsuit will be settled soon and at least 5 or 6 MINI dealers will be identified in Texas and set up soon afterward. One of the hopeful BMW dealers who believes they will get a MINI franchise is here in town and only about 6 miles from me.

I would also think that more MINI dealers will be set up all over the country as the car becomes more and more popular over time (and I certainly believe it will).

Keith said:
...On a positive note - I will probably have the only MINI in my area for a while! :)
Same here, in a city with a population of 1.5 million people I'll own perhaps the only MINI - :) - for quite a while I'm thinking.
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