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My MINI is dented!

Some :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: parked his 4x4 in such a way as to hem me in next to a concrete bollard. After umpteen manoeuvres I thought I was out but then - gulp - the 4x4 trembled a bit :(

I got out & at first thought all was fine, paint not even scratched, but upon a closer inspection, there is a dent between the headlight & front left body kit of my dearly beloved Cooper


The bonnet is not creased - I can try to post a photo tomorrow. Does anybody have any experience of getting these things out? Can garages pull / punch them out somehow? & how mu8ch would it cost?

Surely the whole bonnet does not need respraying / repainting?

Help please! My MINI does not feel so new anymore & that makes me very sad :( :( :(

& I missed Monica Bellucci turning on the Christmas lights on the Champs-Elysees, & I work just in front :rolleyes:

Thanks all
- blues
"It's been a bad day"

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:( I'm sorry to hear that your MINI has been hurt. I hope you get MINI repaired quickly and looking as good as new :). Mine is currently in the bodyshop having several dents removed from the bonnet after an incident with a 'flying' dustbin :eek:, so I sympathise with you.

Tinks :dark:
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