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mr.bill said:
I want a MINI. I want it to succeed. But they better get their act together if it is going to be a success here.

Mr Bill,

Why do you keep repeating the same thing, over and over again:rolleyes:

Ain't you got anything new to say:confused:

What gets me is you keep going on about in order for the car to succeed it has to blah...blah...blah. You are talking rubbish!!

Even with the relatively MINOR niggles the car has it is still 10 times better built, better engineered and is made of better quality that your average Cadillac/Ford/Chevi..etc!!

For me it has NOTHING to do with the cult status of the old mini, as to the reason why I am buying the car. To me they are two totally different cars. It is like comparing the old beetle and the new beetle...nothing similar there apart the name.

The reasons I am buying one is because it is a FANTASTICALLY well-engineered car; it is an absolutely hoot to drive; built not only with QUALITY parts; but also on the whole EXTREMELY well built.

So stop having a dig, and think of something new to talk about because nothing in this world is perfect. You have tried my patience time and time again because you keep making presumptions. You have not even seen a Mini, yet you are shooting it down in flames. I have done a poll to see whether people are happy with their car, and so far 87% are happy with their car. And I think all things considered that is brilliant.

So please enough of the snide comments and talk about something else..anything!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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