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I wanted to protect the top surface of the rear bumper, as the car is a leaser, so I bought an aluminium protector from ebay.

My first mistake was to remove all the backing tape at once from the double-sided mounting tape, making it impossible to adjust the mounting position (2nd. mistake), which was a tad further in than intended, meaning that the tailgate just touches the plate as it closes.

After driving the winter season with the plate attached, I started to notice a small scuff on the bottom edge of the tailgate and decided that the plate would have to go.

I warmed it with hot water and started to pull (3rd mistake).

"Click!" The plastic skin of the rear bumper unclipped.

I have managed to remove the plate, but the bumper skin is now loose.

The punchline is that it is impossible to refit the skin without removing the whole back assembly and reaseembling it.
Total cost of repair with 3 hours of hire car= 3000 NOKs (just shy of £300)

Why do I never learn?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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