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This is a long story so I’ll keep it short. My ex had a smart start interlock device installed on a 2016 Mimi Cooper S that I own. She lost the key and bailed on it. I contacted a dealer who removed it (legally) and got it starting fine with a new ordered key however stated that there were wiring issues that may be related to a harness but didn’t know. I was charged $600 for diagnostics and removal of the interlock but was not paying indefinitely for troubleshooting of unknown whatever’s as they couldn’t tell me how much or how long.

So, I drove it home. It seemed to run fine across the board except it has no power steering and displays three orange lights on the dash and complains in the infotainment system. First is the an engine light. And a steering warning light and finally a traction control light. On infotainment it says chassis stabilization fault and steering fault. For ODB2 I get an error if U019D which isn’t helpful.

Knowing it ran fine prior to the interlock and according to my idiot ex it was “fine when she left it”… I decided to look at fusses, wiring and relays. I’m no mechanic but I am decent at poking around.
I did find wiring that was very suspect but I’m lost at what it does and how to trace it down.

I don’t quite know what to do with this car but any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
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