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We have bought another Mini ....the old one was a R53 Cooper s petrol ...many moons ago ...we missed it ..!
The new one a 13 reg R56 Cooper SD ....However it has started playing up with a diesel worm somewhere inside ?

The car has had so far a new pierberg Egr valve as a plugin suggestion said that it was at fault...fine for a few days..similar faults came up,we took the car into our friends garage and had it changed again as the first one was a re- manufactured part and didn't trust the source was credible and wanted a genuine part. It was changed again.
Then it started lurching and missing on acceleration at low revs which suggested a MAP sensor problem, cleaned that out ..all was good again for a few days then booom ....back to base one after a extremely jumpy trip to the local bank on Saturday..we ordered a brand new MAF sensor and a brand new Map sensor, I fitted those this evening and started the car ands everything Was great on the test drive very smooth on the drive and performance was great.
THEN..went to go out and get a takeaway........crap drive again ....restricted like hell , don't even think it could drive me to the garage to check it out again.

I'm a Newbie here this being my first post please ,please has anyone here got any ideas as we're running out of money keeping on plugging the damn thing in .
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