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Aalternative to chrome bumper?

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I like a little chrome bumper to make the car look more classic. However the option sold by the dealer is rather cheap. Glue on, paint on, non-functional trim.

Anybody hear of anyone making a REAL bumper that can be added later? Like a pre-'72 VW bumper or a real mini look?


(planning to order Pepper White w/ red tartan cloth, sport option and DSC - undecided about sunroof)
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Wouldn't this cause problems with your federal regulations for crash safety (especially to peds who happened to be xing-ing)?

Nice idea though - I'll have some with over-riders, please.

I'm not talking about replacing the built-in protection - but adding a better looking alternative to one that looks painted on.

Up close and personal it doesn't look painted on.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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