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I know I should have ordered directly from mikey :(
I instead chose to go with a local reseller since it was easier for me.

After severa uselessl trips to the store, they sold me that darn Metra 70-9003 harness adaptor. I notice it doesn't have pin 14 and 16, for illumination and accessory (switched 12v). DARN!!
They're telling me to get my switched current from the fuse panel instead. Rrrrright, that's why I bought a harness adaptor in the first place! :rolleyes:

The easiest solution would be to find spare pins to insert in my harness adaptor. That way I could tap (as intended) my current from the harness directly. Do you guys think they can be found at electronics store ?
What about power antenna and illumination ? Are they used in the MINI ? Could I relocate one to the pin 16 location ?

The other solution would be to return their Metra POC harness (it is opened and soldered) to the store, and order directly from mikeythemini. I don't know what would be the delays then. Maybe a week ?

Definitely, that whole Alpine head-unit and KCA-420i mod. was not the smoothest experience I've been through.
Curse you Ultracar!!!



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The illumination is there in the mini, some aftermarket radios use it others don't
The power antenna is also there as the aerial has a booster in its base
USA mail seems to be running at about 5 days at the moment - sure to get slower again in the run up to xmas
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