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2002 Mini Cooper R50
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Hi all,

just wanna try pick your brains for a second... I’ve got an 02 r50 Cooper when I got it the rear brakes were completely knackered!! The woman before me ran the pads down to bare metal both sides and continued driving!!

Ended up having to replace both rear callipers, discs and pads...

After the brakes were changed I had the abs and handbrake light come on and stay on at all times... figured it would be a wheel sensor gone wrong so I replaced both rear sensors...

Abs light went off, released the handbrake and the light went off... Applied the handbrake again and the handbrake light came on again and abs light stayed out... released the handbrake again for the second time and the light went out again... PERFECT!!.... until I reapplied the handbrake again and BOTH Lights came on again??

could it just be I’ve got another dodgy sensor and to replace that? Or could there be another source to my problem? Any help would be muchly appreciated!

cheers, Neil.
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