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ABS light

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I have recently had my battery fail which has brought on the ABS light, traction and tyre lights on. I have now changed the battery but the lights remain on how can I rest them?
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Search for C110 scanner OBD2 on eBay. You plug it in and it scans for faults and lets you reset them. It’s what I use.
I know the reset procedure on my mini is to switch the ignition on and wait 30 seconds. This usually clears any faults
will only clear if no faults showing on self check, when have intermittent faults will keep come back,, but some more serous faults wont clear without a scanner,, ones that will are autocom cdp plus must be the twin micro boards type for full fucntions,, also wow wurth snooper the rac use these,,, insta d off ebay with the 5 discs latest edition very complicated , some people use carly app to some point i have never used one so wont comment but compared to others i have listed it wont have the same amount of functions plus the first two work on any car 1998-2015ish and are under £80- to buy,
after this proper garage tools like delphi £2000 plus a month update fee, or snap on diagnostics £1000 based model plus monthly, autel do some good ones but no where near as cheap as the first two
Just to add, the C110 scanner I described above is BMW and MINI specific and I used it to identify and clear the ABS fault on my R50. Currently available for about £35 on eBay.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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