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ABS pump DIY rebuild?

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My 2003 Cooper, is showing an ABS light and TPS light. A garage tested it, and said that it looks like it a fault on drovers side front, so they investigated. They found a but of damage to the cable, and replaced the sensor.
Now its reading a fault on the other 3 wheels. The garage suggested it could be a pump issue.
Any thoughts on this please?
Recon pumos seem to be around 拢400-600 on ebay. But one that has simply been removed and not tested is under 拢50.
How hard is it to fix a DIY ABS pump fix, if I have a spare to mess about with?
I paid 拢1k for the mini 6 months ago, so don't fancy coughing up over half of that again to fix ABS!

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Try to clear the light with a OBD2 reader
unplug and refit each sensor at it's appropriate wheel. after unplugging the battery for 5 minutes.
Check for appropriate clearances between the sensor and the pickup on the wheel using a peeler gauge.
make sure the geometry is correct on all four wheels as it could relate to the problem.
Was it in a accident is the sub frame straight. Sounds like it would be electrically related. Has the problem been occuring for the last 6 months?
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Thanks for the reply 馃憤
We bought the car in june/July, with the intermittent abs & tps light. The seller told me it was because of the wheel upgrade. It has 17" BBS split rims off a JCW (I think). For a short period, the switch between the front seat would get rid of it. The Mrs touched a kerb with the front o/s wheel the other week, as she swerved to dodge another car. But she assured me it wasn't a hard knock.
I will disconnect the battery for 5 mins, and check the sensors.
What should the gap be?
I was going to check resistance on the sensors too, as I watched a video that suggested that.
Just to check the process...
Unplug battery
Wait 5 min
Unplug each sensor one by one and refit
Reconnect battery

I have a C110 reader. Which I have only used once. Will see if its good enough for this
good luck with c110 reader and working out this fault, need something that will read each wheel sensor,, or do oit the old fashion way,, ie the wheel sensors are call hall sensors these generate voltage when a metal ring is rotated near them,, this micro voltage is what the abs ecu uses as its signal ,,, so you can use a multimeter set to micro volts and connect to each sensor and rotate the wheel at same time if working correctly you will see a voltage,,, I have diagnostics tool that will do this via the ecu on each sensor as long as ecu is working, ie autocom cdp plus good gear for the money,,
its common for muilti plug on abs pump to get wet and corrode and cause intermittent issue, as it is common for abs pump ecu to go faulty as well,
its possible to clone a new pump but need auto electrical guy with the gear to clone the ecu's,, or its possible to transplant the ecu part to another pump body if its the pump solenoids gone faulty ie they rust and then dont move then the ecu picks this up and throws a fault code, YOU WILL NEED DIAGNOSTICS TOOL LIKE ABOVE TO BLEED THE ABS PUMP AFTER,
disconnecting battery wont make any difference ,, you could try a power latch as per link below this resets or puts all ecu's back to beginning as such,
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SOOOOOO! it has been there. I'll tell you my Mini Cooper has the 15 inch rims. And whenever I head up the road to the Vintage and retro movie store an hour away. I will throw on my 18 inch rims as seen in my avatar. AND IT DOES NOT EFFECT ANYTHING! I switch my rims back and forth at my own leisure and it has never done anything.
Focus on what Mike1967 is saying I would and follow it to the T. IF THAT FAILS....
Then more than likely the Joker that owned it before you switched out one the CV axles and bought a cheapy making it have a hard time communicating with the sensor. Or the wheel bearing needs to be swapped out. That air gap is important. But what is more important is that the parts are quality.
Sorry about the experience with the Mrs. and almost having a accident. My Uncle like me has a car with the larger wheel diameter 19 inch wheels. and let his friend take it for a spin. That spin cost him 2500 or so to fix. Because he hit a curb.
I have been having good luck explaining this to people. When you turn with larger radius wheels. right and left turns it is a big production. BIG PRODUCTION. Don't worry about it being swift as you turn why? because you have the larger wheels. Your mini Cooper does not quite look like another one on the street. People are gonna look more at you when you turn a corner. There looking at the wheels. Be prepared to be looked at; when you in a intersection.
big little production Like driving a bus. :)
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