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Acceleration Issue !

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Mini Cooper S R53 JCW 2002
101k Miles

Hi Everyone!
The car seems to start and run fine until recently i have had a problem with accelerating. If i accelerate hard or sharply in any gear at any speed the car seems to lose power briefly and stutter, like its struggling.
However, if i accelerate slowly and gently, gradually getting up to speed it seems to be fine. Also when i,m already at a high speed and high RPM it doesn't seem to do this problem as much.

Any idea what this could be?

Would appreciate any advice.

Many thanks!
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could all kinds of things, when car is stone cold will it rev correctly if it does then coolant temp sensor or 02 sensor faulty,, if dont then bottom crank pulley broken and slipping loosing boost very common for rubber part to let go with age, might have a air leak on boost inlet pipework or a bypass valve issue, could also be fuel pump in tank early cars were 4.2bar later cars 5.0bar, might find timing chain is worn out rarely on r53, eed to live data run it with diagnostics tool a cheap one that works really well with them is autocom cdp plus off ebay link below for a idea
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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