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Acutally, this kinda refers to other threads but...

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Are all the rumours true? Are we here in the south of England much ruder than everywhere else?

Have tried waving, flashing, even the cool but casual raising of a finger (which, thinking about it, could be misinterpreted) but to only one successful response...which, much to my delight, was from a very gorgeous woman....but anyway.....

Where are all the Mini2 members? Do you ever drive around south Hampshire, Sussex? Because the ones Im spotting are only members in one way...and it's not of this club!
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We've a mixed bag in around Milton Keynes to Leighton Buzzard (my daily commute). But I don't give up. Keep flashing smiling and waving.

Loadsa waves overe here.......maybe everyone in your neck of the woods is trying too hard to be cool??

Or maybe they only see the MINI as a fashion accessory / means to travel around in and dont see any need to wave at another MINI??!!:confused:
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