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During another one of our very successful Detail Clinics at our distribution warehouse today in Torrance, CA; one of the biggest questions asked was how to maintain your microfiber towels.

For starters, take a look at the quality of your towel. Not to be disparaging but if you have a "Big Box Super Discount Buy Everything in Buik Store" Bundle Pack or "Auto Chain Stores"'s MF towel - you are only going to get 1, MAYBE 2 washes out of them. They are not designed to last long, that's why they are discounted in price. Strictly made in China, even out of the box they feel rough and will actually grab all the dead skin on your fingers. Typically you can hold of of those towels in the air without using your fingers, it'll cling to your skin! Does that sound soft to you?

To get a long, reusable effective life out of your towel collection, look for Super Plush microfiber made elsewhere. Like ours!

Here is a side by side picture of 99% of the competition compared to ours. Notice the longer strands? Plusher appearance? Here's a twist, our towel in that picture is after 5 washes! It's still that soft! The yellow towel I bought from a chain automotive store for customer comparisons at the clinic is brand new and STILL isn't as soft as ours.

So what are the benefits of a softer towel? Isn't the bulk just as good?

Yes and no. The bulk towels aren't totally worthless - they are great for cleaning tail pipes and oil spills! Think about what you paid for your vehicle, the cost of what a professional detailer charges, or the cost of a brand new paint job! When you start getting into hundreds of dollars in paint/clear coat repair, do the scratch savvy cheaper towels really justify the savings?

So, how do I maintain an Adam's Super Plush Microfiber Towel so it pays for itself after just a few washes?

Remember, microfiber towels are delicate and need special attention, if you follow these tips you'll get countless uses from our towels!
1. Only wash microfiber with microfiber. If you add other materials like cotton you'll ruin the microfiber towel!
2. Don't use powder laundry detergent. Sometimes water does not dissolve all the particles and they'll end up baking into your towel during drying. Now you've got a scratch prone towel! Stick with liquid detergent.
3. Don't use liquid fabric softeners, they'll encourage the towel to fall apart.
4. Warm water is great - it'll help remove old wax or polish in the towel.
5. Drying them in your drier is fine, just don't toss in a lint sheet.
6. If over time the towel begins to streak feel free to boil it in water for approx. 10 minutes. That'll soften up the strands and it'll work like new!

If you have ANY other questions about our towels I've included some links below to the towels on our site - if you are ready to purchase don't forget to use your online discount code for instant savings!!

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