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Presenting Adam's Polishes Perfect Wash Kit!
The ultimate in car wash packages!

Don't forget your forum discount for special savings!
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Car Wax, Car Polish, Auto Detail Supplies - Adam's Polishes - Adam's Perfect Wash Kit

This entire kit was generated and conceived by one of our customers!

Ready to take your car wash to the next level? Adam's Perfect Wash Kit will get you there with ease! The essential products to get your vehicle ready for detailing or maintain it's shine after you've got it to perfection! Gallon refills of the key products will keep you stocked and ready to rock!

This kit was suggested by one of our customers looking for a one stop end all be all for the key products dedicated to the most crucial step in detailing, the wash! The combination of our Detail Bucket, caddy, and grit guard will give you all the right hardware to use. Look to our Car Wash Soap to actually protect your wax instead of remove it, the pH neutral properties won't strip away any of your hard work! Use the Professional Wash Pad to provide scratch free results.

During drying remember to spray down the body panels and glass with our Detail Spray to prevent water spots - even in direct sunlight! The large waffle weave microfiber drying towel is included to give you the best results and softest surface available to dry your ride.

Once dry, grab the included 16oz bottle of Glass Cleaner and one of the blue Super Plush microfiber towels to get streak free perfectly clean glass. Treat your rubber and plastic trim and tires with the VRT and Detail Sponge to condition them and bring them back to like new shine!

  • 4.25 Gallon Detail Bucket
  • Screw-Top Sealed Lid
  • Detail Bucket Caddy
  • Grit Guard Bucket Insert
  • 16oz All-Purpose Cleaner
  • 16oz Car Wash Soap
  • Car Wash Soap Gallon Refill
  • 16oz Detail Spray
  • Detail Spray Gallon Refill
  • 16oz Vinyl, Rubber, & Tire Protectant (VRT)
  • Two Super Plush Microfiber Polishing Towels
  • Synthetic Wash Pad
  • Jumbo Waffle-Weave Microfiber Drying Towel
  • Detailed Step by Step Instructional DVD
  • Laminated Detailing Reference Card
Be sure to include in your order the Gallon Pump to make your Car Wash Soap refills a breeze and a Gallon Refill Funnel for a spill free Detail Spray fill up! Take a look at our Firehose Spray Nozzle - it's one of the key ingredients to manage your water stream to further prevent water spots!

Retails at just over $200 if purchased separately, enjoy our special introductory price at $159.95!
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