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Adam's Super Plush Microfiber Towels
Back in stock!


Try Adam's Super Plush Microfiber Polishing Towels and you'll be spoiled for life. They are expensive, but consider how much your paint job is worth, and the cost is completely justified. Our Super Plush Towels are 110% Guaranteed to knock your socks off. Incredibly soft, and the edges are finished in an incredibly painless satin. Zero scratch potential. The highest quality, and most consistent quality Microfiber technology is produced in Korea. Disposable microfiber is made in China.

Competitors have now introduced towels that copied our black and blue color scheme, and even have stolen our "Super Plush" product name. The competing towels don't meausre up to the quality of our towels, not even slightly.

Why do our towels cost 5X or more than the cheap Costco or Wal-Mart towels?

Microfiber technology comes from Korea or China. China is where mountains of inexpensive Microfiber are woven. It’s possible to buy 24 Chinese Microfiber Towels for under $10 at your local big-box discount store!

While Microfiber is almost always better than cotton for polishing or drying, the quality has been dropping. Notice the price of Microfiber dropping through the floor? Accounts of people scratching their previously scratch-free vehicles with these cheap towels are common. Just feel one of those towels after a wash, and you will know what I'm speaking of!
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