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Adding DAB module.

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If I have the HiFi upgrade, would it be possible to add the DAB module?

If yes, how easy would it be? Could I do it myself without ripping the car apart?

Thanks :smile:
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I was thinking it went on top of the amp or something.

I was hoping that it would just be a plug in job, like adding the six disc changer was in the R50 with the wiring already in place.
Would the DAB aerial need to be different Mikey?

My Pure digital radio in the house has a basic rod arial.
Had a look at my car today. No obvious wiring in place for adding the DAB module.

Also on the right side there is no space for it. You would need a different boot trim on that side.
Unless Mini bring out a retro fit kit (module, aerial, wiring & fibre optics) then I can't see this happening. It is possible to add a kenwood DAB module to play through the factory stereo but it aint cheap, I have done a couple in Aston V8 vantages

Money no object for these owners!

Must be cool working on such great cars though Miikey, got to take them out for a thrash do you :cool:
The best one was ringing a customer to say is MacLaren SLR was ready & he said "can you deliver it":cool:
What a cr*p job :D
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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