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Adding DAB module.

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If I have the HiFi upgrade, would it be possible to add the DAB module?

If yes, how easy would it be? Could I do it myself without ripping the car apart?

Thanks :smile:
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The module should be fairly easy to add if they will sell you the wiring loom & fibre optic cabling. Then there is just the aerial to sort - I am not sure what aerial DAB uses when its specced from the factory
Unless Mini bring out a retro fit kit (module, aerial, wiring & fibre optics) then I can't see this happening. It is possible to add a kenwood DAB module to play through the factory stereo but it aint cheap, I have done a couple in Aston V8 vantages
Money no object for these owners!

Must be cool working on such great cars though Miikey, got to take them out for a thrash do you :cool:
Never thrash them, but let the customers take me out & thrash them :)
The best one was ringing a customer to say is MacLaren SLR was ready & he said "can you deliver it":cool:
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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