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Advanced driving courses in UK

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Do BMW/MINI offer any sort of specialist advanced driving course in the UK? Looking forward to getting my hands on a new MCS in a few weeks time, so just trying to fill the time constructively :cool:

Ideally looking for somewhere where you can learn the limits of your car safely but have a bit fun as well, and with access to someone else's track car rather than ruin mine before it's run in properly :D
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You could do a Rockingham MCS experience day. You get to blast an MCS around the track with some tuition too.

They are sponsoring the Ball so you can get a link from the Ball Sponsors thread here

And of course you could still (just) come to the Ball and maybe win a free Rockingham Experience ;)
Brands Hatch has a wonderful driving school. Silverstone, Oulton do as well. In fact, I am sure most if not all the British racing circuits have a school. You might want to check with the MSA.
Croft isn't far from us here in Yorkshire, Felty.
Dunno if they have MINIs though.

I'm probably closer to Donnington here - my favourite UK track (cars). Love to rag an MCS round that!


UPDATE: Yeap, they do CooperS's - £175...
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