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Hi all,
I'm new to this forum! Excited to join!

The mini I'm getting is a 2016 cooper pre-owned by a sweet older lady. She got it brand new from the dealer 4 years ago and it's only driven ~15k km (no accident history).
Also, it's important to note I live in a part of Canada where it snows most of the year.
She had the breaks renewed recently. My boyfriend found this questionable because he doesn't see why a car would require new breaks if it's hasn't been driven much.
So, we are wondering, what you guys think about this?

Also, what are your experiences with mini hybrids? Are their maintenance costly or troubling when they're a hybrid? Or in general?

I just want to be fully prepared and work from there. I know these things depend on a lot of factors, but I'll appreciate any tips you got.
This is also my first car in general, I've driven for 5 years now, but I'm so happy and feel lucky to be getting my dream car :)

Thank you in advance!
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