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Advice - MINI Cooper SD 2011 Auto

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new to the community but I thought this would be the place to get advice. 192.168.l.l
I am thinking about picking up 2011 Mini Cooper SD Auto with 168k on the clock.
routerlogin Anybody has/had this car and could advice pros and cons.
Mainly concerned with mileage and auto trans.
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if were me would not do it, timing chain on those engines ie N47 last not much more if that 100k massive job to change as its mounted at gearbox end of engine engine gear box out,, also high pressure fuel pumps 100k ish same thing,, then add the gearbox no front wheel drive gearbox will do big mileages and are so expensive when go faulty and its not a if its a when
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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