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Advice on buying.

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Hi guys. I'm looking at buying a mini. I've been offered a 1.4 petrol on a 2007 plate for £2200. Is there anything I need to look out for when checking the vehicle over? It's also done 70k in the last year & 160k in total.
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way to many miles to end well to be honest finding one with 70.000 miles ish with full history and also very importantly a timing chain replacement already done is a must, some fouls treat a mini that is like this as a car to avoid as see why would it need a chain so soon as timing chains in past on other cars were life of engine,, the mini engines need chain kits i say to be safe every 60.000 miles as have seen them snap as low as 40k on abused cars ie driven lol of oil etc, the 1.4 revs a bot higher to pull car around as such so more wear than a 1.6 that said the 1.6 are not much better, we do timing chain replacements around £700 all in main agents and other places are around the same or dealer are a lot more, but its a must do job treat as a service item then they are ok
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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