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Advice on good will gestures

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I bought my mini used from a dealership (but not a mini dealer) in September. I’ve been having small problems since the start but now, conveniently, after the warranty has ended I’ve been told that I need to have my dash stripped because there’s a problem with the fibre optics in my radio system causing me to have no display on my central instrument. The car is only just 5 years old and my mechanic (he’s a mini specialist but not based at an approved mini garage) has told me to take it to a BMW MINI garage and try my hand at getting them to pay for some of it. My problem is that I’ve no clue how to go about this because I didn’t buy it from new or from a mini dealer so I feel like they have an advantage over me as it’s not necessarily their problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated because as much as I love my mini, I don’t really want to be shovelling out loads of money for something that shouldn’t have happened at this age and only 50,000 miles!

Update: do you think I would get anywhere if I complain to the dealer I got it from? Since it was only in September when I bought it.
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They won't see it as warranty but you can point out that it should reasonably be be expected to last longer than it has. Above all, be polite and not come across as entitled.
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Worth having a try with MINI UK but the chance won't be great outside warranty period especially if it isn't a known problem.

Might be worth making a polite complaint but even if they offer you a good will gesture fixing it would probably need you to take it to a MINI dealership and the price would probably cost more than doing it at a independent garage.

As above and what you've said it shouldn't be a problem with that age and mileage as it isn't a wear and tear item.
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Would need more information as to the year. A 2015 is it a countryman? is it a steering wheel dash or the center dash?
does the dash look like

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Automotive design Technology Luxury vehicle

Or like this? No#2
Motor vehicle Mode of transport Steering part Product Automotive design

Or this No#3
Motor vehicle Mode of transport Product Transport Automotive design

Or this No#4
Motor vehicle Mode of transport Steering part Product Transport

Or this No#5?

And is it the gauge cluster in front of the wheel or the center console your having the problems?
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It’s a 2015 mini one. It looks like the last picture and has the nav system. It is the central instrument that will need to be stripped to find the problem not the cluster behind the wheel.
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