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Advice on what stage 2 clutch kit to get that won't cost too much

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Hey I'm new to Mini forums and forums in general...I just recently bought an r56 and I love the car! Its super fast and takes corners like it eats them for breakfast. The car had high miles on it and I drove it pretty hard so I burned up the clutch pretty quick! Because I am looking to make this a track car I want to upgrade and get a stage 2 clutch but ive run into a few problems.

1. All the stage 2 clutch kits seem to be hard to find. Maybe I'm not looking right but I can't find them.

2. The ones that I do find are PRICEY! The cheapest one that I can find that may fit my car is $701.00. And when I called Summit racing the one they quoted me was close to $900.

There must be a cheaper stage 2 clutch kit that is affordable. If anyone has any suggestions please write back. Thank you!
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Depends how much torque the car is making and match that to a clutch kit. Most decent kits will cost about that price.

If you're USA based try posting here

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