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Advice please

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Hello wondering if anybody can give me some advice..i put my car in to a garage to get an engine which was done successfully..until i drove away from the garage and tried to select 5th gear ..i couldnt..i contacted the garage took it back where i was told they couldnt find anything wrong "it was a new one on them"..they also told me they never touched my gearbox..i asked if they were going to fix this for me they replied "no" i had 5 gears when i drove it in but 4 when it came bsck out..any advice please.
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Oh, not good. So, either your 5th gear pooped itself by chance just at that particular time OR they damaged something to do with the selector on top of gearbox OR they fitted the wrong box back to the engine when it was out and yours is sitting in their garage. I doubt there is much you can do about it though as I doubt you have proof 5th gear was working before the work and it would be their goodwill to repair it. Have you had the selector cables off to check for damage?
They said there was no damage to the cables ..i drove it to my work on the sat..and my husbands friend who is a qualified mechanic actually drove it into the garage on the sunday and he said it had 5 gears ..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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