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After Market Nav/Audio systems

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I am really annoying, and have decided that I want to get an after market navigation and audio system. I also want to put in a hands free phone device as well as a way to play my ipod in the car through the stereo system that does not involve a radio transmission because it never sounds that good. I am also debating putting Sirius in the car (I am a music freak and like to have as many options as possible), although I know that the Sirius can be part of the nav unit. I also want the navigation system/cd player to have a pop up screen so that I can hide it as I am getting a convertible and I am worried about it being stolen, and I don't think that it is particularly easy to see ones that are simply mounted. It also should have a touch screen, as I find the BMW system far too complicated. I also want the sound quality to be very good as I like listening to my music loudly (aka I will replace the speakers). I am planning on having all this installed by a place that does this professionally, as I am a complete prat when it comes to electronics, and this would be fairly complicated. Does anyone think that this combination is even possible? Or does anyone have any advice?

Also, I will probably have this done in San Antonio, and I would really appreciate any suggestions as to where I could get this all done!

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one question...

why are you really annoying?


(I am about to do the same thing with my mini...haven't decided on Nav yet, but I am leading towards the pioneer)

I also found a GREAT source for front door is a complete replacement panel from germany, with 2 6" woofers, 1 4" mid, and a replacement tweeter for the door. Not cheap, but they appear to be great. I'll post the link when I get home, but I can tell you that the company is Jehnert.
thanks! im also concerned that if i leave the speedo in the middle, a pop up nav system would block my vision of it. does anyone have any experience of this? im kind of leaning toward the speedo on the steering wheel anyways, but i do like the center dash retro feeling.

ps im really annoying cause all this stuff is a little over the top :p
dont worry , ur not annoying. Ive been pulling my hair out trying to decide b/w stock Sat Nav or aftermarket nav. (trying to find a 2nd hand car with stock sat is like finding a needle in a haystack).
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