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I recently purchased a 2007 MINI Cooper S. It is a super fun car to drive on and off the track. However after last weeks deluge of rain for 3 days the car has developed a couple of problems. I think it is all related to the Footwell Module (FRM). I have looked through the car and have not been able to find this part to make sure all the connections are clean and that there is no corrosion. Here are the symptoms.

1. The windows do not step down when you open the doors as they did when I first bought the car.
a. This means that there is a 3mm gap at the top of the door where the window does not meet the rubber moulding.
b. The windows do not go down anymore

2. The headlights do not align themselves when I unlock the doors remotely.

3. I think the Sport button is also not working. It used to give a great kick in the back when enabled and I do not feel that anymore.

I have verified that all the fuses are good and none are blown. I have looked everywhere for this and would rather not take the car to the stealership if I can avoid it. Does anyone have any ideas or a suggestion on where I could take my MINI, in the Ottawa Ontario Canada area, where I will not get gouged? Who knew that BMW made this car so much like a little British sports car of the day that it doesn't like the rain! :D

Mike Kirby
Ottawa Canada
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