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aftermaarket racing/touring seats?

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I've seen & sat in Minimania's new MINI, w/ Momo, racing seats, look gorgeous. Many manufacturer's make "touring" seats, that hinge forward for rear seat entry. My favorite, picking from mags, is the Corbeau Carrera, black cloth, w/ silver leather trim, on wear spots, woulld look great w/ MINI black, mag silver, interior, ANyone fitted their MINI, w/ new seats. yet?
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Not that Im aware of. The MINIMANIA car is the 1st car I've seen with after market seats. I know a magazine called EVO had extra padding added to the seats in their MINI & a few people have had seats replace under the warranty :)

It's the old story of whether JCW will sell these seperately but they certainly quote a price and offer the chance to buy - Corbeau Works seat

check the link

Works Seat
Click the thumbnail for a closer look at an Essen Motor Show picture taken by OnlyS4me of what look like Recaros in a MINI:

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Do the Cooper Race car seats have a Carbon Fibre back :confused: :confused: :)
smiffy said:
Do the Cooper Eace car seats have a Carbon Fibre back :confused: :confused: :)
Dunno smiffy - I'll give JCW a ring tommorrow and find out -
I always find CF backs are a good idea when the ankle bighters are kicking the backs of your seat at least you know there not going to break thru and get you in the kidneys:D
I was looking into some race type seats for my Cooper. I have been told to make sure that they still slide and tilt , because if they don't then it will be illegal to use with the back seats because of the lack of rear passenger access. Might be worth looking into this one before putting full race seats in.
The JC seats are able to be switched out for standard seats in just a few minutes. So you race with the JC seats and use regular seats when your on the road. Also if you put in aftermarket seats do they have to have side airbags in them.
I know the Recarro seats have airbags.
There are a number of after market seats available for most cars, the most important thing is that you get the correct sub-frame. There are loads of road legal 'Race seats' but they cost from aroung £300+ :)

[click to enlarge]

I've only been in a BMW 3 series once, but noticed the same underthigh extentions that look strikingly similar to those posted above...Are these Recaros or could they be out of a 3 Series...?
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BMW put Recaro seats very similar to these in the 320is back in the early 80s, and they are now coveted by 2002 (the model not the year) owners.

Recaros are OEM in certain cars today.

Personally speaking, I like the SPARCO seats

See :

for full information . They use carbon fiber backs, etc... and more! Manufactured with an autoclave system. WOW!!

Koenig also make sone nice equipment

Anyone with pics of MINIs with these seats installed, please post or note a reference place please!
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Customize front seats

Check these front seats, match the doors and dash...


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onLOoker : Those look nice. What type of seat are they?
Leather? and how are the subframes? Fully adjustable, I presume. Yes?
Thanks for your help!
The company that designed the seats for this car is Digi Tec. They also have rims for it that look pretty nice too.

Here's the website:
There the same seat they use in the Mitsubishi EVO's only the leather looks 'looser' like the cow was on a diet before hand :D

I ahve fitted after market seats and i find there are 2 problems, they take up all the space in the rear footwells and also they disable the airbags, but i would not change them


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