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Aftermarket Taillights

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I've been looking at MINI Profiles and found all kinds of terms used for aftermarket taillights:

Altezza Taillights
Bazooka Taillights
Lexus Style Taillights
Projector Style Taillights

Attached below left to right on the first row:
  • Altezza (the real thing?)
  • Altezza Style by APC
  • Altezza Style by JKL (they look like the first picture on the left?)
  • Bazooka by MHW
  • Lexus or Projector Style
Moss Mini refers to the last ones pictured as Altezza Projector Style :rolleyes:

The following taillights in B3N's gallery are unidentified:


Anyone want to share pictures of their aftermarket taillights, providing the name of the manufacturer and where they were purchased?


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I had some on briefly but then decided to get the genuine BMW red and white ones instead. They were made by Junyan and I got them of ebay.

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I have the Altezza lights. I do not remember who made them. Got them from e-Bay though. What really finished them off was the Silver Tec lights. :cool:

First picture is before Orciari Aero Kit, second is after. Same lights though. That was my first mod!
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