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I am posting this here as although it wasn't a Mini, it applies to potential Mini owers looking at buying a Mini & warranty
From my experience if you are thinking of buying a warranty you need to take time & read every bit of the small print TWICE.
Everytime we have had a car in with an aftermarket warranty & rang them they have found a reason to refuse the claim or only pay part of it.
e.g. Warranty doesnt cover diagnosis only the repair - with modern cars diagnosing the fault can be the majority of the time spent on the job
Warranty will only pay £40 or £50 per hour - try that one at your Mini dealer:p
Car not serviced exactly as listed in small print
An example of this was a Bentley Continental GT last week
It came in as the passenger window had dropped & wouldn't shut. But no problem as he gave us his warranty company phone number, well first problem actually - their maximum labour rate is £50 per hour (how much would Bentley charge?)
Also they won't pay diagnosis
We stripped the door to find that the car needs a new window mechanism and rang them.
Their first question; when was the car last serviced & where? - Feb 2008, Bentley
Before that ? Feb 2007, Bentley
Before that? Feb 2006. Bentley
looking at the service manual - exactly as Bentey say - yearly
WARRANTY VOID:confused::bad:
The terms of the warranty state the car must be serviced every 6 months:rolleyes:
How that would effect a window is beyond me anyway
So while the may be good companies out there - READ THE SMALL PRINT
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