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Aimless drive around the hills of Southern Ohio

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I am a MINI enthusiast who lives in South Central Ohio (Chillicothe). On Sunday, April 10, I am going to drive my MINI around some backroads that only the locals pay know about. They are hilly, curvy and fun!

I will be at McDonalds on East Main St. in Chillicothe at 10:00 AM and I will leave at 10:30.

I'll print out a map of the local roads and some routes to take, including some that were used as a test route for some Ford GT prototypes that came through the area.

Again, let me know if you want to tag along on my Sunday drive. It is a laid back affair, where we will enjoy our fun little cars.

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If I weren't moving that weekend (just up the road, not out of town) I would be there! Let me know if you are ever doing this again, as I would be interested!

chill town

Willy, I am originally from Jackson. Haven't had a chance top take my Mini back down there to blast some roads, but there are some great ones down there! I'd think you'd be one of the few mini's down there. Have to keep an eye out for your road runs and try to make it down, sounds like a great time. ;)
Another thread I got to a little too late....

I'll have to be sure to check/post here next time we do a back road run with Trackaddicts.

We just had a little drive around the hocking hills area and it was a great time! Would love to have some Mini Coopers join us on some of our events later this year.
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