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Air charge pipe

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I was told by the dealer mechanic that my air charge pipe and crankshaft vent pipe is leaking and they want 845.00 to replace them. I would love to do it myself. Can anyone tell me how to do this?
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no such thing as a crankshaft vent pipe,
there are a number of charge air side inlet pipes,
there is a pcv valve crankcase vent breather pipe that runs from the rocker cover to bottom of inlet manifold also the rocker cover has a inbuilt pcv valve that is known to fail cause misfires on idles etc,
I believe the crank case vent breather pipe is what they were talking about. But I don't know which charge air inlet pipe is leaking. Is there any way to tell?
smoke test is how i do it
Ok thanks I'm going to buy a smoke machine. I see oil oil on the intake pipe on the passenger side. Can you tell me where to pump the smoke?
remove intake pipe off airbox,, i take it you have cooper s turbo turbo engine,, if so common is for the rubber o-ring seal on the pipe elbow driver side just back form where the map sensor sits on top of pipe as such,, they always seep here and the oil that leaks if from the inlet and pcv breather system throwing crankcase oil and vapour from in side the engine as such its normal only way to prevent this is fit double oil catch cans on them,, as for being charged £845 for that hmmm i would not be using them again if were me for that amount of work,, genuine rocker covers are expensive bmw want £350ish with vat etc even trade prices are over £200, i put a £50 ebay one on mine when it failed so far so good worth double catch can the car for sure..
can we start again with this, what fault codes have you got and what is car doing,,
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There wasn't any codes. The dealer mechanic did a diagnostic. This is what he gave me


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The strange thing is the check engine light wasn't on when I dropped the car off to them but it was on when I picked it up. I have a obd 2 scanner and it read no codes to show yet the check engine light is still on
not all scanners will pick up dealer p-codes need something like insta or autocom cdp plus or wurth snooper will also read all codes,, or if have deep pockets a snap on diagnostics £500-£2000 where the other 3 can be found on ebay for under £80 cant read cant fix it most of time
Hey mike I used to work ar a foreign car wrecking yard so I took my mini there and they scanned it and told me I need a mass air meter. So they put it on and the check engine light is off. And the car runs better. All that stuff the dealership tried to trick me into paying for was crap. Cost me 80.00 I just wanted to tell you this. Thanks
ideal glad it worked out well,, it just shows that even main dealers get blinkered with what might be wrong with something and to be honest they are so complicated and so much does go wrong or more to point so much can give the same issues,, i know those map/maff combine sensors for genuine bosch is around £120 in uk think last one i bought with my trade account was around £60 new ,, i have try'd cheapy ebay ones and they never really last or work right out of the box, neo brothers on ebay and online are very good for sensors and prices ,, happy days
Question. Do you recommend a oil catch can. Also do you recommend sea form to clean my engine?
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