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Mini Countryman ALL4 Cooper S- 2010 Model, 82,000km

The air conditioning won't work - I am hoping it is simply a re-gas required, but has this happened to anyone?

I could hear some weird low level gurgling/whining noises coming from the system, but it was intermittent. The blowers were blowing, the green lights were on (the AC Panel lights) but just warm air coming out of the vents.... Damn hot here in the Czech Republic at the moment, had to drive with the windows down....
Yes, this is quite a common issue. I myself and my friends have encountered this before with various brands of cars from toyota to subaru and even to my own mini cooper. Sometimes it may just be a small problem where there is something wrong with the wire connecting from the AC generator to the air con or it could be a bigger problem where the refrigerant is totally spoilt. I went to for help and they were really friendly and kind to help give me a reasonable price to change my entire air con system. You should check them out.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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