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Air-vent screeching noise

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My poor Mini Cooper D (07) is crying!
When the car reaches 70mph a small ‘screeching’ sound can be heard coming from somewhere near the top of the dashboard – I think it is coming from the air-venting system. At 70mph this is only a small noise (not really enough to be able to diagnose the problem) and then it stops until the car reaches 83mph at which point the noise turns into a loud constant screeching and gets louder the faster the car goes. At 90mph the noise is very loud. The noise only occurs under certain driving conditions – the car has to be on an open piece of road (ie, no tree screening or banking to the sides of the road), it has to be reasonably windy and I think the wind has to be hitting the car on the left hand side for the noise to happen. The windier the conditions, the louder the noise gets. I am sure that it is some problem with the air-venting system. The screeching is sometimes so bad that I can’t even hear the radio over it! It is extremely stressful on a long journey.
The trouble is the dealership won't drive it over 70mph and I have tried to demo the noise to them, but of course it wouldn't do it when I wanted it to! They have had a look for anything obvious, but couldn't find anything.
Has anyone had anything similar?
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mine does the same. i think its the windscreen seal:mad:,not had a chance to book it in at the dealers yet,but will keep you posted ;):D
Sounds like what Aston suggested.

...but it sounds like if you didn't break the speed limit, you'd be fine!
Have just found another thread suggesting it is the window seal, so will get that looked at when I take the car in for service - thanks for the replies!
PS - yes, it's very good at keeping me legal!
It would be annoying on a track though wouldn't it!!;)
Hi AnnaB

I had a similar problem on my previous Cooper D when doing 75 or more. Started off as a whistle then the faster I went it turned into a loud screech.
After popping the bonnet up I noticed that the air intake pipe had come slightly loose, so pushed it back in and the problem went away. May be worth a try? :D
I had a screeching noise on my CooperD Clubman this morning, coming from the bottom of the windscreen/behind the dash when the car was on over-run or at idle.
Also I noticed condensation coming from my exhaust after 10 miles/20mins of driving. I know it is cold this morning, but usualy the engine has warmed up by then, I must learn to drive harder!
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