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I have a 2002 mini cooper. My issue is that the airbag light is on. code reader is giving error 10/05 - Firing circuit side airbag front left side.

I have read post explaining this is a bad connection under the seat.

My issue seems to be strange, if i clear the error and disconnect the yellow plug under the passenger seat the fault stays cleared. However if you plug the yellow connector back in and turn ignition on the fault is shown again.

Can anyone explain this? my understanding was that if there was a bad connection i.e not connected the error should show but mine is only erroring when connected.

Any advise would be greatly received.


if airbag its self the resistance has change due to age and corrosion or a open circuit within the ecu will read this as broken circuit of a fire circuit, as fault goes after disconnect chance are the airbag its self is faulty,, that said if that dont cure it then a airbag module could be at fault or wiring to it, as breaking the circuit should throw up different code than fitting a out of spec airbag, seeing these issues alot where reader says one thing and turns out being something else and without having the pinouts of module with the resistances it near impossible to locate a fault without replacing stuff ie start at most likely and cheapest,, gen one mini suffer abs pumps for a past time,
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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