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My airbag warning light came on a few days ago.

My dealer informs me that BMW are aware of a fault with the side airbags but as yet they haven't informed the dealers what to do to fix it!!

Has anyone else had this fault and has it been fixed?

At the moment while BMW sort something out I assume my airbags will not deploy in an accident!

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I feel such a wally! My airbag light has been on ever since I drove my Cooper out of the showroom two months ago and it never really occured to me that this was a fault. It struck me as a bit odd, though not being used to so many gadgets on a car, I convinced myself that this was just some sort of BMW affectation and a sign that the bags were 'on' and primed. Doh! To think I've done 2,500 miles with potentially dodgy airbags and/or headbags is a bit worrying.

(Guess I'll just have to get it fixed when it goes in for its new windscreen, fuel gauge, immobiliser, new front left speaker, new passenger seat height adjuster.....)
My dealer called me up to say they were making an "improvement" to the seat airbags, so whatever they've done is now done on my car. No more info than that sorry!
This was a couple of months ago by the way, and I didn't have any airbag warning lights before that.

My airbag warning light has came on twice, the second time only four days after they fixed it. As a result my car has been to the dealers three times. I dont know what the problem was at first but the second time they replaced both front seat belts and pretenshioners. This was 2 weeks ago and no problems as yet.
I've been driving now for two weeks with no airbags. I am far from happy! Come on BMW sort it out! My dealer says he has no idea when the solution may arrive!!!!

JS :mad:
Does any one have more info on the airbag issue?

I have lost count the amount of times I have taken it in to have the light distinguished, only for it to come back on a day or two later. In one case I didn't even make it off the forecourt before the light came back on again. :eek:
It is going in next week to be looked at properly and have a few other bits put right, and if I can have any information to help them (who paid who?) determine what is wrong, it would be very much appreciated.

This is becoming farcical. My cooper went into the dealer's (Synter in Stratford) before Christmas to have several teething problems sorted out - incl cracked windscreen, blown front n/s speaker, jumping CD player, grinding front brakes, the airbag light 'extinguished'; they seemed to have sorted everything out (though my car was delivered back to my home minus its aerial), and they just put the airbag problem down to 'a dodgy circuit in one of the pre-tensioners'. Then what happens two weeks later? The light comes back and the car's got to go back to the garage again.

What I'd like to know is this: Does the airbag light being on denote that the bags are actually disarmed, or is it simply an indication that something's wrong in the circuit? If it's the latter, I might just learn to live with the red light being on (as I did for the first 3 months of the car's life!)
My airbag light came on this morning (saturday 26th jan)
I phoned my dealer and its going in on monday to get checked.
My car has done almost 6000miles and this is the first time that this has happened,I'll keep you posted.
It's Monday,just got car back,there is a wiring harness to the drivers seat and the wires were pulled out.
This is not the first MINI they have had with the same fault.
Wires put back in and secured.
It was a MINI adventure the end.(I hope);)
Its now Friday 1st feb

Airbag warning light back on,phoned garage,going back in on Monday 4th.:mad:
And here was I looking forward to mine going in next Wednesday to have the light distinguished once and for all.

Oh dear. :(
Same problem just happened... Very annoying.

I'll be contacting the dealer:mad: It's my only problem:eek: :eek: :eek: and we were doing so well Shame:(
This has also affected my MINI one about three days after I picked it up and sods law got back to Shetland before it reered it ugly head so I phoned the dealer and he told me that they knew of the problem and would fix it when I was next on the mainland. I was down in december and had every thing fixed on the car but gues what came back on when I got home, yes the airbag warning light. So I went to a garage up here where the owner has a cooper and he told me that it was the wiring loom for the pressure sensors under the seat is about 1 or 2 centimeres too short and when the seats are slid as far back or when they are tillted forward it tugs on the wire switching on the light he also told me that BMW are working on an extension to the loom. But what is taking them so long.:mad:

as fontel said its the seat loom,BMW are aware of it and there are replacement looms being made but they are not expected until about March or April.
I don't mind waiting so long as it gets fixed.
And on the up side when my car went in today they gave me a Works Cooper to play with for the morning.:D :D
the airbag light used to come on in my Renault Clio, but has recently stopped doing it.
My airbag light came on again at the weekend
been to bmw they put it out.
The new Harness is now available so it now on order and should be sorted once and for all:)
Driving my MINI today the airbag light come on:rolleyes: , called the dealership todau, its booking in for next friday.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Got my MINI back from the dealers, and by coincidence the airbag light came on. I returned it to the dealers yesterday, and it was a loose connection under the drivers seat.
New harness has arrived for my seat so airbag light should be cured at last:D
It's fixed!!!

Got my MINI back today, it was a faulty seatbelt pretensioner on the drivers seat:confused: . The dealer wash MINI as well:D which is nice;)
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