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Hello everyone, Its Faron with All MINI Track Day! I know I have been pretty tight lipped for a really long time. Well, its not because I have not been diligently working on AMTD. (As a fellow AMTD Track Junkie said, you know you are doing something correct when a abbreviation is started for your club or event.) Or perhaps I just choose a REALLY long name for the event!
First off I want to say how excited I am about the changes Vaughn has done to the AMTD website. We have changed the look of the site and added a ton of pictures,and a bunch of other stuff you will have to go look for. I have not posted until now because I wanted to see how may people follow closely. Plus it would be hard for me to pay for the event if I had everyone at that super low price. In case you didn't know the deal was. If you had your check post marked by midnight September 30th, 2004 the cost was only $150.00 The price has only gone op a little bit, so if you get your check post marked by October 31, 2004 you will only have to pay $175.00. Lets be honest for a event such as this, anything short of $250. is a bargain. Just ask a few of the people who post here, and are Track Junkies!
Second I want to tell you we have had a guy who I trust, and respect very much join us in the HUGE Task of putting this all together. This is a man that some of you may know, because he has put in some serous time at TWS. Get ready Jim Graber is going to help us get AMTD to the next step. He was at both AMTD events, Vaughn and I put together, and he is a very welcome addition. We have already started getting things started. So if you were looking for a little more organization at AMTD then it just started with Jim on board. Jim & I have been talking about the weaknesses of each event. We looked at what we needed to improve, and what was good. Heres what we came up with. When you sign up Friday evening or Saturday Morning we will give you a information packet. In the packet you will get a set schedule, you will know what run group you will be in. Something else we will do is have you in the Track Garages by what group you are in. That way it will be easier for everyone to know when and where they are suppose to be. I feel so lucky that Jim has decided that he would help out with his efforts, experience,and expertise. AMTD will grow to be a GREAT event with the team we are slowly building.
I have asked MINIAC, if he would be joining us again at the next AMTD. I don't know how many of you know him, but I got to go out with him on the track. WOW what a rush! I took a few laps with him instructing me from the passenger seat, and then rode as a passenger in his MINI. As a driver I learned a ton from him while he patiently guided me around the track. Then he took me for a ride in his car and he really showed me how it was done! All I can say is DARN WHAT A RUSH! This coupled with finding a friend who is a better driver then I am (MINIAC, Jim Graber, and a couple others!) and following in their lines helped a ton. In case you didn't notice, this is how we are going to teach you at the January AMTD. I will post a lot more as we get things figured out.
I have been asked if I planned to allow riders at the next AMTD, and the answer is as it has always been. NO. Due to the fact AMTD is a Insured event and the Insurance policy says no riders other then instructors, or during the parade laps. I know this will keep a few of you from joining us, I hope you will understand our position. I have also been asked how you go about registration. All you need to do is send a check made payable to Faron Smith, to the address bellow. I am always asked what people should bring with them, and if there is a certain attire at the track. As long as you are comfortable, so are we. Just remember you will be in mixed company. You will need a 1995 or newer D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved helmet. You should be able to pick one up at any number of places, for less then $100.00. Yes a motorcycle helmet will be fine, and it does not matter open or full face. Last but certainly not least bring your common sense, we all want to drive our MINIs home. But most of all be ready to have a AWESOME time, because you will have fun from the time we meet up Friday night, until we part ways Sunday evening. Any other questions please send to [email protected] and in the subject line put AMTD Question.
THANK YOU for taking the time to read this, I will be shorter from now on!
Please make check payable to Faron Smith and send to
All MINI Track Day
14427 Brook Hollow #199
San Antonio, Texas 78232

Also if you have already paid, please expect a conformation email from me. Along with a short questionnaire, to help get us ready for AMTD!
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