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I’ve had my car for nearly 3 years now and I have never been happy with the handling.
I thought it was because of the 18'' wheels so put up with it for a while, then I got it dropped on eibach springs by 40mm so it would sit nice and flat and not slide round the corners.
To be honest it performed a little better with the spring but no where as much as I thought it would.
So I contacted a friend who set it up for Track/Road use and wow what a massive change. Throughout the whole time I’ve had my car it has never performed this good.
It sticks around every corner and it wouldn’t even need the springs, I think it would handle just as good on standard suspension.
It cost around £150 but every penny worthwhile. So glad I got it done but I brought a clubbie now so of coarse it’s going in for the same treatment and hopefully the same result.
Recommended to anyone, I do have figure sheets that needs scanning in so if anyone wants to see how much BMW aligns it when the send it out the factory I would be happy to show you.
I’ve attached some pics of the process which I took at the time, enjoy...!


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