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hey, this is a scary story and im still shaking now....

i was driving home from work, and it was rain really hard, so i was taking it slow, coming upto a sharp 45degree conner (which in the DRY you can take at about 60-65 MAX) so i was doing about 50. Then a blue golf estate came flying around at about 70! he lost his back end and spun into the hedge and then flew back out of the hedge across the road towards me and just missed me by about half a car, then his whole car went completely into the hedge and he spun around and lost his front bumper and then spead off as fast as he could!!

Im guessing a stolen car! but my god it was the most terrifying thing ive ever seen, how he did not kill me or him self ill never know, but if i ever see him... well im sure you know what i mean... :mad:

Just thought i would let you guys know what kind of nutters are out there, always be careful guys!!!! :(


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Well L13-13 is usually unlucky for some-But you were lucky today!

Glad you and MINI are ok.
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