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I am going to start upgrading my Mini's sound system, preparing for the great Alpine Ipod solution.

Ive decided on the HU CDA-9831

Now for speakers I want to go alpine. ANy recommedations?

What would you upgrade first, speakers or HU?

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There are many threads about this subject.

Both upgrading HU and speakers will give better sound, but in my opinion and many others the greatest difference is when upgrading the headunit and then the speakers, as with aftermarket headunits you get better sound processing and amplification which shows more.

Alpine are great for headunits, I would say its their speciality but I wouldnt buy speakers as there are many other brands on the market which are better.

According to many on these boards the best components to go for are Focal DLS or is it DSL ! They specialize in components so produce better quality.

Genesis are a name that comes up a lot for amps, again they are the companies speciality.

Dont be fooled by branding, just because alpine is a big name doesnt mean all of its products are the same quality.

I would buy some 16.5 cm pods for the front speakers too as this will give you more options.
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