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I'm now on my third dealer because i'm having trouble finding one who appears to have any training on Mini at all.

I started at altos at artarmon in sydney. On of the first times they had the car they had it booked in two weeks in advance, but then the day i took it in they didn't have enough time to look at the car until after 5 pm. then they forgot to order the part which had to come from melbourne and in the end it took a week to change the tacho unit.

My suspicions are that if they have your car for a week, it's because they bent it and had to send it out to a panel beater to have it fixed, so i made them sign something guaranteeing that this didn't happen.

On a later visit (for the same old problems) they replaced a whole lot of stuff including the Supercharger and the clutch. When i went to pick the car up they made me wait in the service lounge for about 45 minutes, whilst the BMW drivers all strolled in and got their cars. Eventually i stood up for myself and asked what i was waiting for, and he handed me my keys without so much as the most basic explaination of why of what had been done to the car.

When I got back in the car I drove it 20 feet and i knew it wasn't right. it had this noise that sounded like an old holden with a flange gasket problem. I could actually hear it before the car even started - just cranking it over.

so i took it back in, and took the Service advisor for a drive. he thinks he can hear the noise i'm talking about, but he's not sure if its normal or not. so i left it with them. 3 DAYS LATER they discover that its just a gromet missing from the firewall. (makes sense - the car isn't actually making any more noise than normal, you can just hear them all more) so they replaced the gromet, and lo-and-behold its fixed.

My gripe is this: whoever road-tested that car has obviously never driven a mini before, becasue there is no way you could ever let a car go out sounding that bad.

to rub salt into the wounds my service advisor tells me that it was like that when i first brought the car in. Love your work, Pal.

All in all I found Artarmon treat you like a second rate citizen if you have a mini - they are quite obviously a burden to them, and they can't wait for this little annoyance to go away.

so go away i did. but unfortunately not far enough. I went to Altos pennant hills. their attitude is better, but unfortunatley they too were unable to make any in-roads to any of the common recurring (sionce day 1) faults with our car. they called in a tech rep from BMW at my insistance, and he is now trying to tell me that my faults are quite normal. I had asked that at the time the BMW rep came fort hem to bring another car for me to drive, but unfortunately they don't sell mini at Penno, so they had to schedule another date. 2 weeks go by without so much as a phone call from either the dealer or BMW. SO i rang them up. they are having trouble finding another mini!!! no, true story. that's what they said.

So i changed dealers again, and now i think i've finally found one that actually know SH** from shoe polish. Trivetts at parramatta have a couple of good people, one of whom was able to describe all the faults in my car before he'd even seen it. very good start. Unfortunately he also reckons that most of them are common faults which BMW Know about but can't fix, but the fact that he knows this much about it impressed me no end. that's what i'm looking for in a service department.

At least he's savvy on the product and doesn't treat me like a burden on his precious BMW customers' time. My car is going in there in two days time, they're giving me a loan car, and I can't wait.

25 years ago my father had a Falcon company car which was damaged by alto ford gordon and they denied it and left him to his own resources. I can't beleive i thought that 25 years would have made any difference.
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