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I as well as many other have stated that they, "have always wanted a mini", however for me, this hasn't changed but is definitely on pause.
When I found that Mini was owned by BMW I just assumed I'd never make enough to own one and just never pushed the possibility years ago.
I was never a, "car guy", bikes were my the point this is the first car I am looking at buying.
New job, new money, new doors.

So here I am suddenly with cold feet...after looking into the mini brand.
It looks to me like being, "feature creedped", and not just in a typical manufaturing way.
There are mini's laying around EVERYWHERE. Used car lots are literally teeming with only see a handfull on the road for an entire week.
And it seems that many owners say just buy a new one? But it doesn't seem seems like more people are discarding minis faster than they are being purchased?
Personally it's odd...I don't know why I feel this way but, the mini was always this neat little car (for the majority of my life) that I thought looked alright...UNTIL I ACTUALLY LOOKED AT A BMW.

Suddenly I too find myself in this group of numerous individuals. Wanting a Mini...but, put off by it's, seeming identity issue.
Looking back only, through archives, and never experiencing the hype, I get the impression that BMW does not like this culture here.
Bringing older minis forward that is but, not just that. It's almost like they are slowly but surely turning Mini's into literal Mini BMW's.

Isn't that what I want? It sounds like what I feel I want...but then I see something almost--or maybe nothing at all...but, something alsmost similar to apple.
There is no real upgrade path in the Mini line except via a new car. This seems painfully suspicious...
I don't see this kind of...enthusiasm in other car lines.
And I don't think Mini has made any massive leaps...have they really brought anything new to the market?
When I look at the 2020 minis I just feel like they are going to be tossed aside for the last run of models?
The software push for mini odd for the highlighting feature for a car?
But then seeing the brutal onslaught of...almost bait and switch...retaliation from customers about mini connected is alarming.

I don't's like...I got one look at a BMW
and then much there is to be desired from Mini.
Suddenly the chassis looks dated and bloobular, the lack of articulation in exterior design, the fragmented driver experience, the nonsensical trims and packages, the jarring rally sport car interior, salt and peppered with daily driver features...'s handling is fun? And then top top it off the price? I mean...Is BMW trying to not compete with itself?

I just feel like the mini identity is being changed slowly to not lose it's customer base BUT, I guess I don't like how BMW is going about it or how I perceive them going on about it.
Is it something I really want to buy into?
Literally weeks ago this car was flawless and now...I just...don't know....

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There are two kinds of minis for sale: Good deals, those are gone in a day and bad deals, those sit around forever. Many people try and "over price" Minis. That's why there are so many for sale. Those are cars that were abused with lots of miles and they person is trying to sell if for 1/3 of a brand new one and like it was a BMW.

You will actually be hard pressed to find a "good deal" on a used one. I bought mine from ND only from pictures and limp mode codes because I knew what a good deal was and what wasn't.
This is also something I've considered quite seriously.
The nature of the maintenance...
And the fact a lot of people probably just buy them because they look cute but have no interest in actively maintaining them.
I considered this greatly...and I've found 1 fully loaded with 12K's not the color I want and it's not a manual but, I's everything else.

Perhaps I should look more into the faults of minis.
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