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My car is a 2005 mini cooper s with the HK system in Font Material property Parallel Paper Book

Have a new android stereo i want to fit, but having problems.
Already have an aftermarket stereo fitted and bought the HK enabler, but bought a Android flip out stereo with wifi etc
ok i plug in new android but only get sound on the radio, tried playing youtube vids on it they play but no sound, same with USB pen drive they play but no sound.
someone suggested that radio is not using the amp so will play all ok, but when using AUX / USB ? Youtube etc it needs amp turning on.
This is the wiring for the new android
Font Material property Parallel Paper Book

Font Parallel Engineering Document Pattern

in second pic there is a blue wire AMP Control, were would i connect that to ? also not showing in pic 2 is i have 2 white wires ?
Anyone have a clue ?
Also i have found this youtube video about android stereos and amps but i can't understand it anyone explain in simple easy terms to me
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