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Hi everyone,

I am not very good with cars, so I come for the experts’ advise! :)

My husband has been trying to fix a fuel leak that my 2002 Mini Cooper Base (R50) has.

The leak occurs where the fuel feed hose/line meets with the fuel filter housing. We are not sure whether we would need a new filter housing gasket (and likely have to buy the whole filter assembly) or if there is another fix we can try.
Please find a picture of the leak location attached.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m happy to be a part of the forum, and look forward to learning from you all!

God bless.


2004 Mini Cooper R50 Chili Red, Midlands 5 speed manual
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I live where the nearest MINI dealership is on the other side of a mountain pass. So to get parts, I go to BMW Parts Catalog (<- that was supposed to be Realoem. com) then enter the BMW catalog.

Put in the information for your car, I find that putting in the last 7 digits works the best. Then all the other fields are automatically filled.
It then takes you to the catalog for your specific car.

Scroll down and choose “Browse Parts”.

Please keep in mind that I chose an R50 and guessed on the build date when I took the following screenshots: First, I chose “Fuel supply”, then scrolled down to “Fuel Filer with Fuel Level Sensor Right”. I got this;

White Line Font Parallel Circle

The part numbers are in Blue. As an example I chose the Rubber Seal part number, 16141182905. No idea if this is what you need, just showing how I use the catalog. The exploded views help too! Any way…

Take that part number and type it into the Search field of one of our vendors. I used ECSTuning in this example.
Photograph Product Mobile device Communication Device Gadget

Hit the Return button, and this pops up;
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And there’s your part!

Other vendors are Mini Mania, Pelican Parts, and sometimes the dealership has the best price and availability.

Keep us posted!
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