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Which is better?

  • [img][/img] Space Invader

    Votes: 39 44.8%
  • [img][/img] Pac Man

    Votes: 49 56.3%

  • Total voters
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MINI defector
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If it's going to be a pacman it should be a Ms Pacman just to appeal to both sexes. I'll hazzard a guess that aliens don't have a gender :p

Tinkering In The Garage
2,168 Posts
Space invader or pacman, didn't realise we had a choice :D
would still pick space invader, Martin you're confused just look what you replaced your MINI with ;)

Ady :cool:

Total MINI dot com!!
50,323 Posts
voted space alien, not sure why, I felt I had been told to?

But I guess it all depends on what the icon is being used for?

You are number 6
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Aliens rule but really we should have the Mekon supreme ruler of the Treens instead of some little bug waving its arms in surrender. A true Treen would never surrender. :cool:

I feel alienated by these alien haters :(

pacman looks like a bit that fell off a rotary engine :p
1 - 20 of 208 Posts
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