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Well its been around 15 years since I owner a mini...

Fond memories of my first car- ( & a few bad ones)-

My first mini was a mini clubman- Black- I cant remember the registration, infact all the things from that era are a bit of a bluff from 15 years ago-
What can I remember about my first mini-

Paying £400 for the car-
2 close pegs to hold the manual choke out-
A metro turbo carb!!!
My K&N air filter-
Avonbar racing - DO they still exist-
The headlights never working properly...

The list was endless........

Well After much deliberation around what car to move to after getting bored of my last 2 ( clio V6 & Focus ST) I wanted a nice looking car with better MPG around the 10/11k Mark-
I finally plumped for a Cooper S-
A fairly well specced up one at that- Im not really concerned with Sat nav etc- but the standard unit is a little weak in terms of performance so I was on the look out for a Works one or one that had been tuned up quite well-

Here is the Spec Sheet for my Cooper S-

JCW leather front bucket Seats- MAKES SO MUCH DIFFERENCE to comfort-
Exterior Decals by the Pirate himself-
Big Brake Conversion- ( hoping to move to the Porsche set up)
& a GTT specced engine to 245 BHP- ( this includes the full chassis bracing) Consisting of-
OBD reader/reset tool
GRS Motorsport Intercooler
GTT Stage 2 head
Shrick Cams
Adjustable cam sprocket
GTT -17% charger pulley
GTT Crank pulley
GTT Drive belt
GTT Tensioner Pulley
Bypass valve
Oil catch can
GTT Aerobox strutbrace
GTT Lower brace
GTT Mid chasis brace
GTT Lower front brace
450CC injectors
GTT Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
GTT 63mm throttle body
GTT Blue silicone intercooler boots
GTT Cold ram air induction
GTT 2 piece cat and manifold
PSS rear suspension
PSS/9 adjustable front suspension
Induction hose to throttle body
New Iridium Plugs
Airbox ducting
GTT 6mm wheel spacers
Rear GTT Spiroslot discs

The one Pic I have isnt the greatest yet- but its a start-


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Congratulations :cool:

I saw that car up for sale on a well known motoring site, and thought what a lovely example it was at the time ;)

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Congratulations :cool:

I saw that car up for sale on a well known motoring site, and thought what a lovely example it was at the time ;)
Yes I like examples of nice cars that have been tinkered with to give them that unique look, also some finishing touches-
was it for sale anywhere else other than here?


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Rare as rocking horse poo the old Dare's are, owners tend to keep hold of them:wink:.

Your looking good anyway with the Challenge theme, what you got planned for the exterior?
Well- I will finish the tuning off with roland then im not sure-
The car looks good, but really in your face-

the other one I was going to buy ( a works one) had the following-
Aero Kit ( all colour coded inc front arches) , Hartge Alloys 18's ( real not replica)-
Also the black union jack roof & wing mirror decals-

However to do this all the decals would have to go, then a full paint prep of the front as theres a few chips etc-

Pricing that up, its around 1300 from M-style for the kit & arches, 1600 for the alloys, prob 5/600 for the painting of the front & a couple of hundred for the decals- plus of course a chrome grille-

thats the best part of 4k-
lots of work to finish off.......

May just get the pro mapping & Porsche brakes & job done...

BTDO- :)
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