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Two soldiers have been in the same fox hole fighting the enemy for hours.

One soldier tells his buddy he going to be sick and throw up.

His buddy says no way, you can't do that in this fox hole it will stink and I don't want to have to smell that for who knows how long.

But the soldier says he can't help it.

So his buddy comes up with a plan and tells the soldier to run over to the next fox hole that looks empty and he can puke his guts out there. His buddy would cover him by blasting at the enemy while he's running.

Then when he's done and wants to come back, he is to stick is rifle up in the air with a sock on it.

So the soldier agrees. His buddy starts blasting away and the soldier runs over to the next fox hole and dives in.

Minutes go by, then hours go by and no sock. His buddy thinks he must have gotten shot.

Finally four hours later the sock comes up and the buddy starts blasting away and the soldier returns.

His buddy says what took you so long? :confused:

The soldier starts to explain. There was a woman in the fox hole. I've been making love to her for the past 4 hours. On top, her on top, legs up, doggie style, we did it all exclaimed the soldier.

To which his buddy asked, did she give you head? :eek:

To that the soldier responded. She didn't have a head!
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