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The value of the Chili Packs extras are subjective. They make the car look and handle better but other MINI2ers have criticised the hard ride of the car - not ideal fer yer sprog. The sports seats are generally thought to be good and much better than the standard seats which are considered to be flat. But then again some MINI2ers find the lumbar on the sports seats to be 'orrible. Swings and Roundabouts! This topic has been covered in previous posts and can be found by using the search function.

I've lent my MINI to my sister over Christmas as she was carless (and careless with her own car!) She found that one side of the rear seatback needed to be permanently folded to fit the buggy in diagonally. Also the ride on some poor roads was jarring to "Bun Larden" (cos his nickname's Bun and he's Porky! with the Sports Suspension +. But she loved the car and the handling. She found access in tight car park spots difficult, esp. to place the babyseat back into the car (because of the door size) and also had problems getting the seat past the passenger seat. I would suggest that you make a family trip to your dealer and put your own buggy/babyseat into the car.

I ordered Isofix for my MINI but due to a factory error it never appeared on the car......and I'm still waiting for my refund.......2 months if yer reading this Mr MINI Customer Services..... gis my 20 squid back.
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