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HI Guys,

Does anyone own a Mini One D with big miles (around 200k) that hasn't had any issues with overheating and therefore needing a new head gasket/cylinder head/complete new engine? Or are they all likely to encounter these issues at one time in their lives?

I am looking at potentially buying a Mini One Diesel as I've heard the later R56 cars have the Peugeot engine that is prone to timing chain failure...but now I've stumbled across the issue with the R50 and the overheating due to head gasket/cylinder head failure.

I'm looking for a mini that can do great MPG on the motorway, but still be a small nimble car...hence looking at the diesels.

I need 50mpg at 70mph - can any of the petrols do this that have bomb-proof engines? and is the R50 Diesel a disaster waiting to happen, or are there some good ones out there that no one has heard about because you normally only hear of the ones that go wrong!

Thanks in advance!
the later bmw n47 diesles have chain issues,,, not the Peugeot Citroen 1,6hdi engines but these engines do have timing belt and do have a link chain between the camshafts,, not many post 2005 cars will do moon ship mileages these days with emissions crap bolted to them,, the gen 1 mini diesels have a toyota engine and like any small engines 200k plus big ask there has been a few with gasket issues same as any other engine,, wont a high mileage lugger buy a honda best advice that said down side when they do go wrong and like all cars they do the parts are a lot more money,, if were my money and had to be a mini diesel find a as low mileage as poss pre 2010 march cooper d delete the dpf and egr filter do 8k oil filter changes and change the turbo every 80.000 miles ish and they behave well,, main thing is get head around all cars are designed around 4-7 years life span it would seem,, no good buying a 100k car think its got another 100k in it with out some parts thrown to it,, ie turbo 80-120k is makers mileages , 02 sensors 60-100k dpf filters 75000 miles timing belts and water pump safe bet 80.000 miles as water pumps dont tend to go much further
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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